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The manager of Tonelería Murúa, Elena Ceca, has joined the new Board of Directors of the Asociación Riojana de la Empresa Familiar (AREF) as a member.

The 2022 General Assembly, held on 30 June, agreed on the renewal of its presidency, after three years in office, with Daniel Marín, from Grafometal, leaving his post to Carlota González, from the Rafael González Group. A decision that has led to the entry of new members to its Board of Directors, among them Elena Ceca.

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Since January of this year, Tonelería Murúa has been a member of this Association, which, like our company, has a true vocation to serve the whole of La Rioja society. The objective is none other than a firm commitment to the economic and social development of La Rioja. Not in vain, the 55 firms that make up AREF represent more than 9.5% of the GDP of La Rioja and employ more than 3,200 people. It has total assets of 1,305.8 million euros and has contributed to social welfare with more than 15.9 million euros in corporate tax payments.

The new president of AREF, who stressed the need to continue and build on the path traced by the previous presidents of this Association, has focused on strengthening the commitment of family businesses to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

An objective that is a hallmark of Tonelería Murúa. Since Elena Ceca took over the management of the company in 2009, the new factory in Navarrete has become one of the most modern in Europe. All of this while remaining faithful to tradition and creating a sustainable project. It is worth remembering that Elena Ceca began working in the family cooperage in 1996 and has always been committed to research, oenological training and new generations, without forgetting her commitment to the environment.

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On the other hand, at the 2022 General Assembly, Andrés Sendagorta, from the Sener Group and president of the Family Business Institute, which brings together the various territorial groupings of family business associations at a national level, highlighted the ongoing commitment to society, although he stressed the need to deepen conciliation measures.

At the round table that took place after the assembly and in which Sendagorta himself took part, accompanied by Fernando Baroja, from Conservas El Cidacos; Enrique Extremiana, from Adelfas Energía; and Elena Martínez Garnica, from Martínez Somalo, the capacity of family businesses to adapt to the increasingly convulsive and changing world was discussed, which has led many of them to be cautious in their decision-making. All of them highlighted the strength of the family businessman in La Rioja, as well as his commitment to his land and his people, also highlighting his contribution to economic and social stability.

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The Family Business Association of La Rioja was founded in 1996 with the aim of highlighting the value and visibility of family businesses in La Rioja. In our community, 75% of the existing firms are family-owned and historical.

And it does this by maintaining a network of contacts with more than a thousand family businesses throughout Spain, which are integrated into the different territorial associations, under the umbrella of the Family Business Institute.

The Association helps and advises its companies on the unique situations and problems they face. It also represents their interests and needs before other institutions. It also advises family businesses on conflict solutions, organisational design, financial, fiscal and commercial problems, as well as promoting the development of courses, conferences and debates with family businesses in La Rioja.


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