Tonelería Murúa celebrates its 125th anniversary as one of the most prestigious firms in Europe

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Considered one of the most important in Europe, the Riojan Tonelería Murúa has celebrated its 125th anniversary today. Its renowned trajectory, its high quality brand and its specialisation in American white oak and French oak barrels have attracted prestigious wineries from all over the world that trust in it for ageing their great wines. Today, its barrels are present on four continents and work with the most prestigious wineries in 20 countries.

To commemorate this impeccable career, Tonelería Murúa has held a meeting with the regional authorities. Throughout the morning, they were able to share impressions and learn first-hand about the new facilities, an example of design, productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

At this event, the manager of Tonelería Murúa and fourth generation of this family business, Elena Ceca Antón, addressed the authorities, recalling how, since she was a child, her family passed on to her the values that are currently present in the business philosophy, principles that have shaped the historical character of this cooperage: always being one step ahead, always taking care of the quality that has always characterised them and the best possible treatment of their customers.

The president of the Government of La Rioja, Gonzalo Capellán, wanted to highlight the trajectory of the company, which is 125 years old: «Tonelería Murúa is a great example of the spirit of Rioja companies: family-run, with the ability to innovate and anticipate circumstances, being competitive and committed to quality as a sign of identity».

Capellán acknowledged the work carried out for generations by the Murúa family, whom he congratulated for their good work, which reflects everything that gives meaning to the region: «The distinguishing feature of Rioja is its history and this also applies to its auxiliary industry, as in the case of Tonelería Murúa, an industry that I define not as auxiliary but as essential to shaping the nature of Rioja».

The origin of Tonelería Murua dates back to 1898, its founder Mr. Justo Murua, an entrepreneur who went from having a small workshop in Elciego to creating Toneleria Mecánica Riojana in Logroño, the first cooperage with modern machinery. It was his son, Donato Murua, who knew how to understand the change from the traditional wooden containers for beer, oils and pickles to stainless steel, a decisive moment for the specialisation in wine barrels. It was also Donato Murua who established the values of this company based on honesty towards customers, otherwise we would not have been making barrels for 125 years in such a traditional sector as wine.

Currently, Tonelería Murúa’s barrels are present in all the Spanish designations of origin, mainly Rioja, although the international market is the mainstay of this firm: 60 percent of the barrels manufactured travel outside Spain, mainly to Europe, Australia, Asia, the United States and Latin America. To cover all this demand, the company has a workforce that combines artisan coopers and the most advanced technology.

Among its most recent milestones is the move in November 2020 to new facilities located in the Lentiscares industrial estate in Navarrete. This new production plant, considered one of the most modern in Europe, has allowed them to increase and diversify their range of toast, sizes and origins of wood according to the demand of their customers, always maintaining the high degree of excellence in the manufacture of the barrel and of course in their relationship with their customers.

The objective: to continue working alongside the best wineries in the world and help them to transmit their essence by participating in the production of both the most traditional and historic wines and those of a modern and highly expressive nature.


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