Visits to Murúa Cooperage

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Since 1898, our legacy has been passed down from generation to generation. Our knowledge and experience in the sector are intrinsically linked to our passion for our craft. A craft in which tradition and innovation go hand in hand to make the barrels that will house our customers’ wines. At Tonelería Murúa we leave nothing to chance. We control all the processes, from the origin and selection of the raw material to the final shipment to the wineries. We work closely with oenologists, for example, to adapt the interior toasting to the wine that our barrels will house or to choose the most suitable type of oak. Experience is a plus at Tonelería Murúa, where five years are invested in learning how to become a good cooper. A craft that has survived the passing of the centuries and that many people want to learn about. That is why our doors are open so that wineries, students of oenology or food industries can visit our facilities and discover, first-hand, how we make the barrels that have made us one of the leading cooperage industries in Europe. In 2023 we celebrate our 150th anniversary; a very special year for us. A year full of meetings, inaugurated by our friends from Bodegas Izadi, whose sales and marketing team visited us in mid-January. Pablo Andrés, Carlos Ramilla and Martí Roig, winemakers of the great Torres Family, also came to learn about our work. In recent weeks we have received visits from César Torrijos, winemaker of Buil & Giné, who came accompanied by our sales representative in Catalonia, Jordi Castro. Also those of Martí Magriñá and Joan Jarque, winemakers at Clos Pons and Clos de l’Obac. About thirty students from the University of León came from the 4th year of the Degree in Food Science and Technology and the third year of the Degree in Agricultural Engineering, mention in Agri-Food. At our facilities they were able to learn all the details of our activity, the production process and how we have applied cutting-edge technology in our cooperage, without neglecting more traditional, artisan and manual tasks. Recently, we received a visit from our friends from Bodegas Viñas del Jaro, who came from Pequera de Duero (Valladolid) to Navarrete, aware of the great work that goes into each barrel, which will play a crucial role in the ageing of their wines. And what can we say about when they come to see us from outside Spain, like our customers from Quinta do Vale da Perdiz, a Portuguese family business focused on producing high quality wines and with a philosophy that we share at Tonelería Murúa: «For those who know how to wait, everything arrives on time». It was their oenological advisor, Manuel Angel Areal, who came to our cooperage. Members of the Cerro San Cristóbal Tasting Club came from Villamediana de Iregua. They are aware of the influence of the interior toasting on the aromas and character of the wines or the nuances conferred by the American and French oak barrels. Mauricio Lázaro, technical director of Bodegas Las Perdices, in Mendoza (Argentina), and Carlos Rubio, manager of Bodegas Corral, in Navarrete, came to our facilities to learn more about our work. The years may go by, but at Tonelería Murúa we will remain faithful to our principles: to always be at the forefront, to pamper the quality of each of the barrels we make, from the selection of the raw materials to taking care of the smallest detail in their manufacture, and, of course, to give the best treatment to all our customers. When we open our doors, we value our history and our craft. Our company, which this year celebrates its 125th anniversary, has achieved recognition in the wine sector. This recognition has led us to work with clients in the main wine-producing countries of the world and in all of Spain’s Denominations of Origin. We want to continue listening to the sector and, for this reason, these visits also help us to obtain feedback, resolve doubts, and strengthen links to continue collaborating side by side with wineries that are looking for the best barrels for their wines. And so, together, we can achieve excellence, combining tradition and innovation. YOU WILL FIND US AT OUR NEW ADDRESS: AVDA LENTISCARES 35, 26370 NAVARRETE, LA RIOJA.

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