Elena, candidate for the 2nd la rioja 2020 woman award

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Elena, the current manager of Tonelería Murúa, has been nominated for the 2020 La Rioja Women’s Awards organised by ONDA CERO.

She started working in the family cooperage in 1996, after studying Biological Sciences and a Master’s degree at the Polytechnic University of Madrid on polluting processes and environmental protection. He also has a Master’s degree in viticulture, oenology and wine marketing.

Since he took over as manager in 2009, the industrial company has not stopped growing, expanding the business even further without losing any of the historical philosophy of the founders, focusing on quality and always offering the best personalised service to all its customers.

Pioneers in creating the most modern plant in Spain and one of the first mechanised plants on the European continent, one of Elena’s latest milestones has been the inauguration of the new factory in Navarrete, making it one of the most modern in Europe.

Elena has managed to modernise the cooperage industry while remaining faithful to tradition, but with an innovative vision, creating a sustainable and productive project that always seeks quality and continuous improvement in the processes and manufacture of the final product. It is still committed to research, oenological training and new generations, as well as the social development of all the agents involved and a constant commitment to the environment.

You can listen to the full interview at this link: https://www.ondacero.es/emisoras/rioja/rioja/audios-podcast/mas-de-uno/premio-mujer-candidata-elena-anton-murua_202011185fb51ed2f1b0790001ae8fab.html


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