Wineries visit our new facilities

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For Tonelería Murúa, 2020 will go down in history as the year we inaugurated our new facilities. A new functional and productive factory which, despite being one of the most modern in Europe, will continue to maintain the traditional, artisan method involved in making a good barrel.
During the last few weeks of the year, several wineries have come to Navarrete to visit our new facilities. Here, they have been able to see first-hand how the new, more modern, safer and more efficient machinery works.
At the beginning of November, María Barúa and Enrique Abiega, from Bodegas Lan, came to visit us. This was followed by a visit from Luis Larrea, from Pagos de Larrea, and also from our friends from Lámparas HYA.

Carlos Caraballo, Gabriel Quezada, Marcos Eguren, Pilar Antón and Miguel Eguren also came to visit us from Sierra Cantabria; and Roberto Rodríguez from Bodegas Palacio. Representing Bodegas Valdemar were Antonio Orte, Carmen Ortiz, Óscar Sarralde, Cristina Bernedo, Rubén San Pedro, Gonzalo Ortiz and Elena Ortiz.

The month of December began with a visit from Bodegas Navarro López, specifically from Francisco Navarro, Virginia Vacas and Carmelo; followed by a visit from CVNE, with María Larrea, Eva de Benito and Iñaki Sanz; and from El Coto, with César Fernández and Pablo Tascón. Rafael Usoz, winemaker at Bodegas Sonsierra, and Rodolfo Bastida, Paula Jiménez, Rosana Lisa and Santos Calahorra, from Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, also visited our facilities and signed our barrels.

The pandemic has postponed our dreamed official inauguration. Therefore, until the global situation improves and we can carry it out in the best possible conditions, at Tonelería Murúa we will be delighted to receive your visit.

At Tonelería Murúa we wish to continue working alongside the best wineries in the world, helping them to transmit their essence and participating in the production of both the most traditional and historic wines and those of a modern and highly expressive nature.


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