Solar panels to reduce our dependence on the electricity grid

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Sustainability and care for the environment. At Tonelería Murúa, these two premises have been present in every step we take and in every action we undertake for years. When we moved to our current facilities, located in Navarrete, we were able to implement changes that will mark and define our future and which are gradually coming to light.

As a result of our commitment to being a sustainable cooperage, where we are more efficient and effective not only in final production but in each of our processes, and with a firm commitment to respect and protect the environment, we have installed 282 photovoltaic panels on one of our roofs. This will allow us to generate 100Kw of electricity, which will lead to 30% self-consumption and will reduce our dependence on the electricity grid.

The generation of electricity through this solar installation will also mean a significant reduction in emissions equivalent to 60 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is undoubtedly good news that will mitigate the environmental impact, not only in the short term, but also over the next few years.

At Tonelería Murúa we firmly believe that solar self-consumption is a very effective way to achieve the objectives of reducing emissions without renouncing, on the other hand, to the use and exploitation of energy.

Furthermore, when we do not use this electricity, we will feed this green energy into the grid, so that it can be used by other people. We are already making use of resources by sending the leftover wood to other companies, who will then transform it or add value to their products.

This concept of recycling and reuse is fundamental to our goal of promoting circular energy and being more sustainable.

Monitoring through an app

This photovoltaic installation that we have installed in our facilities is going to be monitored through an application. Through it, we will be able to see in real time how much energy we are producing and how much we are consuming at the plant. Likewise, we will be able to check, thanks to this app, if there is any anomaly in the installation and if it is necessary to carry out any maintenance.

The installation of these solar panels is in addition to other internal sustainable projects that we apply in our plant, such as the thermal energy that we produce automatically with sawdust and wood waste, which is used to heat our facilities, guaranteeing the right temperature in our radiant floors and thus reducing our carbon footprint.

These actions that we undertook several years ago are allowing us to become more and more self-sufficient, energetically speaking.

It is undeniable that the increase in global temperature has become one of the main challenges of today’s world. Reducing the carbon footprint is nowadays a primary objective of many entities, companies and organisations, who are convinced that environmental responsibility also has positive effects on profits and reputation.



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