Our «Operation Sausage» is back!

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At Tonelería Murúa we are aware of the work carried out in the fields, in the vineyards. That is why we have once again launched our ‘Operation Salchichón’. A small gesture to thank our winemakers and their crews for their hard work.

We are bringing them a typical Riojan lunch, so that they can replenish the much-needed strength to face the intense days. Our sincere thanks for the work they do. Our grain of sand for these intense days of harvesting.

We would like to thank our customers, who have already received this typical harvest lunch, for sharing this ‘Operation Salchichón’ on their networks or for sending us messages thanking us for this detail that they are so gladly enjoying and that is making their endless days much more appetising.

Harvest time

From very early in the morning, long days ahead, day after day. It is harvest time. In La Rioja, it is already in full swing. The white grapes have already been harvested to a large extent; the reds are in the process of being harvested.

It is a privileged moment for us at Tonelería Murúa. From our own facilities or on the way to our company, we are witnesses to the progress of the harvest. The tractors, full of grapes, travel along the roadsides of many municipalities in La Rioja until they are taken to the wineries, where they will later produce the wine that we will all taste. A landscape that is repeated year after year.

Meanwhile, at the foot of the vineyards, our dear winemaker friends are working hard to get the grape harvest underway. Hot days or days when the cold starts to set in and the dampness gets into your bones. It’s an autumn thing. No two days are the same. At the same time, the leaves of the vines begin to acquire the reddish, yellow, ochre and orange tones typical of this time of year, offering us an incomparable setting and unique views.

We have worked side by side with them and with the oenologists to create custom-made barrels, according to the demands of the winery and the wine they are going to age. Barrels where we have taken great care in the assembly of the staves, the placement of the bottoms; we have tested their watertightness, we have subjected them to unique toasting, appropriate to the type of wine that will age in them. Everything has been subjected to our demanding quality standards. Because nothing is left to chance at Tonelería Murúa. The grapes that are harvested today will later rest in our barrels and that entails a great responsibility.


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