Tonelería Murúa, a success story in digitisation

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Over the last few years at Tonelería Murúa we have advanced along the path towards digitalisation, and if there is anyone who has orchestrated this process, while always holding firm to Murúa’s values, it has been our manager Elena Ceca. It is for this reason that a week ago the Federation of Businesses of La Rioja invited Elena to the «Digital Kit» conference, where this European programme was presented, which aims to promote digitalisation in Riojan SMEs.

During the event, which more than 200 companies followed online, Elena was able to present the journey that has led Tonelería Murúa to become a benchmark and a success story in digitisation.

Without a doubt, the arrival at our current facilities in Navarrete, more than a year ago, has been one of our milestones. From there, thanks to the renewed machinery with which we have equipped the cooperage, we remain at the forefront of our industry.

But beyond the technological improvements, which effectively make our facilities one of the most modern and mechanised in Europe, Elena pointed out that digitalisation also means a cultural transformation within the company, something that at Murúa is also fundamental because of our values and our history.

New business opportunities, more efficient processes, more fluid communication with customers, cost savings… These are some of the improvements that Elena highlighted as essential to increase our production capacity without having to give up the proximity and tradition that have accompanied us since Justo Murúa founded his family cooperage. Because from that moment in 1898 we have never stopped focusing on people.

On the one hand, our team is more motivated, as everyone in it can work in a more agile and safer way while finding opportunities to further develop their talent in Industry 4.0.

On the other hand, we maintain a more dynamic communication with our customers, which allows us to strengthen our relationship with winemakers while Murúa’s seal reaches new wineries. This perspective is the same as always: the customer is the why and the what for, but we are actively incorporating new information technologies, such as social networks.

These also allow us to analyse everything that happens between staves, barrels and toast, from the commercial agenda to stock management. In this way we can keep looking for and adopting solutions even before the problem becomes evident, something that any company needs to continue to grow in these times.

It is true that many changes have occurred in this process, but they have not been drastic. In fact, they are controlled adaptations to the times and to the solutions required by both our customers and our team. To this end, Elena emphasised how we have digitalised data, opted for modern machinery, optimised processes and, above all, prioritised continuing to provide the same personalised service as always.

While our coopers continue to shape barrels, now in a much more efficient facility, our management team works with an equally efficient system to centralise data and respond to problems.

The result? A process of continuous improvement in which innovation and tradition join forces to ensure that the entire Tonelería Murúa blending process continues to be successful and to demonstrate that the values with which we started out are still part of it.

Thanks to the new programme of the FER’s Technical Office of European Funds, we hope that more companies, far from fearing digitalisation, will see the opportunity in innovation and continuous improvement.


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