The present and the sustainable future of Tonelería Murúa

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Tonelería Murúa has been committed to sustainability for years, because in addition to manufacturing quality barrels we cannot, and do not want to, lose sight of the efficiency and environmental responsibility of our company and its processes.

When we moved to our current facilities in Navarrete, we were able to implement changes that have set the course for the future of Murúa. A future in which the efficiency of the production cycles not only favours the barrel but also the environment in which we make it. This new perspective has not remained on paper, but has led us to take concrete actions, with safer and more modern installations and machinery.

How reusing wood brings us closer to zero waste

In our quest to be more sustainable, we have focused on zero waste, i.e. ensuring that the waste from our trade can be reused and have a second life within the cooperage system.

In this way, sawdust and wood waste are now the heart that heats our facilities. How? In our biomass boiler they are transformed into energy, thus reducing our carbon footprint and emitting 100,000kg of CO2 less into the atmosphere.

This energy not only maintains the temperature of our factory through underfloor heating, but also allows us to heat the pool of water in which we immerge the barrels and, as a result, we have stopped using diesel.

This change not only brings us closer to zero waste, but also to energy self-sufficiency.

Transfer and recycling of wood

In addition to the use of the wood waste we make within Murúa, we send the leftovers to other companies that transform them or add value to their products.

This recycling and reuse process is essential to promote circular energy.

In addition, the entire path that the wood follows at Tonelería Murúa is monitored to ensure the traceability of each of the processes, even before it arrives at our facilities. We take responsibility for ensuring that the wood we select and use comes from sustainable sources; only in this way can we guarantee both the future of the raw material and the future of the cooperage.

Biodiversity between the staves

Another aspect we are paying attention to is biodiversity. Wood is what gives life to our barrels, but it can also give life to small insects such as bees.

These small living creatures seek refuge in nature, which they sometimes do not find in the cold seasons, endangering their existence and therefore their auxiliary function (pest control, pollination, etc.). As a resource and as a substitute for other types of space, these insects settle between the staves, thus creating an ecosystem in courtyards such as the Murúa courtyard that supports biodiversity and favours the processes of nature.

The near future

What other challenges and changes await us? We want to continue this journey towards a sustainable future and a sustainable cooperage, where the aim is to improve production efficiency, but also to take responsibility and respect the environment that has allowed us to develop our trade for more than 120 years.

Our plans include the installation of solar panels which, together with the energy we already produce autonomously from waste, will make Murúa even more efficient and ensure that our sustainable values continue to shape our barrels.


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